Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Purpose of Having a Government Programs for the Poor

Being a person whom utilizes the government programs i.e.: food stamps, Denali care and a life line phone. I would have to say that the only thing I could think of to improve the system would be cracking down on people who abuse it. I would also like to add, looking into the benefit amounts to which participants receive. Many programs that take an account for how much rent and utilities you pay, do not take in account if the person pays child support. We get an almost decent amount in food stamps however my husband pays 400.00 a month in child support which is a hundred dollars out of every paycheck. It does not sound like much, but I’m currently not working. My husband is carrying the weight of all of the bills and my education costs.

There are many people who abuse the system and receive benefits that they should not be allowed to have. I believe that if we made the people who abuse the system have higher penalties then there would be less abuse and less tax dollars paying for people who do not deserve food stamps, medicade or welfare. It makes it harder for the truly honest people to receive much needed help when they need it. My family is honest, hardworking and supportive of others. We struggle like many Americans and not only need but rely on what help we have received, either food stamps, dollar phone, medicade and sometimes welfare. The government programs available help many families succeed are truly a blessing for my family, without them we would not be able to make steps to progress forward in life.

I truly appreciate every government program available to help families that are single parents, parents with single income and families in need.  I believe that now days you need to have a diploma to succeed in life, having two children and trying to work while attending school is not beneficial to many people even with day care assistance.  Referring to myself, childcare even with help is more expensive than I can afford. I would basically be working to send my kids to day care and gas to get to work. Hence why I have chosen to get a degree in a wide spread field such as business.

The systems income requirements are at a perfect number right now for all of the programs available in my state, I feel that the government has worked on them to achieve a better standpoint on how high Alaskans living costs are. I believe that there should be more allowances on where your money does go. For example they need to take in account for family’s who pay child support. This is not taken in consideration and many others like my family pay a good portion for children that they have but are not in the household. Help is needed even more for family’s who only have one source of income coming in to their household with growing children. 

The government could make it beneficial for everyone involved if they would take these small factors in consideration. Tax payers would see reductions in there amounts paid if there were higher penalties for the abusers of the system. The families that deserve benefits would receive a higher amount due to less people receiving, making it less of a struggle for the honest working citizens with children. Having less people on welfare of any kind would benefit our country greatly, I know that the system is cracking down on many things, however, I believe there are still many people who take advantage of the governments help.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Medicaid Programs Exists to Assist Low Income Citizens

Today’s unemployment rate is at 6%, which is better than some past times, but there are still families that are embedded in deep financial struggles. Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Lifeline Assistance Programs are very helpful to these families if they are used correctly.

A big downfall with these programs is that there are loopholes in them, which make them accessible to people who don’t really need them.Further, these loopholes limit the benefits available to those families, which actually need them.

The problem with food stamps is that there are not enough restrictions—people can use them to buy foods that are not a necessity such as candies, sweets, and other junk food, when in fact people should be buying fruits, vegetables, and other necessities. This is a very big problem because it shows younger generations that it is acceptable to fulfill wants instead of needs. The best way to fix these problems is to eliminate the ability to purchase unnecessary foods by tightening up the laws. This will save America money by decreasing needless spending.

Additionally, Medicaid is a government program aimed at offering low-cost medical insurance to Americans with financial needs. The problem with Medicaid is that states such as Florida and Texas do not fully implement all of the program’s benefits.Since these states are not in favor of Barack Obama’s legislation, they are limiting the number of people who can access Medicaid’s benefits. To make matters worse, these states keep Medicaid prices high and eligibility low. Another big issue with Medicaid is that people’s policies are being terminated for nonpayment. This is one of the biggest issues since people who cannot afford medical insurance need government assistance the most. Contrarily, those who can afford their premiums probably do not need these benefits, but they continue to enroll year after year and deplete the funds and benefits available to those who really need them.

To help improve Medicaid, there should be a more in depth background check into the applicants/recipients to ensure that they truly qualify for the benefits. This would eliminate improper use of the program by making sure people who do not need it are not accepted and people who do need it are properly enrolled.

While the benefits of Food Stamps and Medicaid can be misused or misappropriated, there are organizations that are more effective at helping  low-income families such as Lifeline Assistance Programs. Lifeline Assistance Programs are better than food stamps because they make it a priority to keep fraud to a minimum. Lifeline Assistance Programs have created a database to ensure that the recipients are completely eligible for the benefits, and the program limits these benefits to one person per household. For example, these programs allow low-income consumers to have a pre-paid wireless service plan as well as a landline.

There are many great government assistance programs that help benefit lower-income families. They help make life easier by providing food and medical insurance to those in need. There is still some work to be done to improve their efficiency, but overall they help make America a better place.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Food Stamp and Medicaid is Important for People's Development

Often people are placed in conditions that they cannot control, whether it is a consequence of a previous action or an outside force, humans are always undertaking some form of hardship. In society, these individuals benefit from government programs like Food Stamps and Medicaid that slightly mends their current situations. Homelessness is not a voluntary action and there are factors that reduce them to this circumstance. Either it was a familial conflict, emotional disorder, or financial troubles, no one chooses to be homeless or dependent on these programs.

Still, in America there are means to escape financial troubles. This nation is a land of opportunity and these federal assistance programs are demonstration that the constitution still rings of truth:“…these truths to be self-evident…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Therefore a stable country like the USA possesses the resources to improve the lives of its citizens. Besides the constitutional obligation, these programs provide hope and encouragement for individuals who are in need of relief. It ensures them that not everything is lost and that there are people who will support them during these bad times.

Lifeline Assistance Programs would prove to be ineffective when people become overly dependent on them and are disabled by the governmental assistance. Meaning that the existence of these programs gives the assurance that their own personal effort is not needed when there is a safety net under them. In order to improve the effectiveness of these programs, the authorities should not only provide them supplies to survive, but also instruct them to find supplies to survive. A Chinese proverb once said that if you "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." There should also be a stricter follow-up course, where authorities will guarantee that a person who once received federal aid and no longer needs it is now maintaining a stable life. It should be a perfect opportunity to encourage them to be a spokesperson or to provide a testimony to others who feel that they’ve a dug themselves too deep. Not only will a former Food Stamp receiver’s testimony become an inspiration to others, it will stimulate people who are too proud, to register for financial aid.

Furthermore, ordinary citizens could also volunteer to offer simple services. By instructing a class practical that helps them locate jobs, such as dressing for interviews and writing a resume. A person doesn’t have to be talented to be involved, they just need the spirit to help others and sometimes these people just need a person who will listen to them. The food, shelter, and clothing is nice but a conversation would provide them triple the comfort.  Overall, government benefit programs are a perfect demonstration that it’s better to give than receive. It’s similar to planting a seed, though the fruits are not visible yet, the impact of your caring for the plant begins to show eventually.